Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things to do

Here is what i will have to do in the next weeks:

-Contact a person who will put my video material from video cam to PC. Then i will put a short clip of my meeting with Marit online for the fans out there.

-Buy cables so i can finally record songs at home again (I also have to find out how this new program works)

-Start this new blog project with my girl. We'll let you know.

-Work. Not for fun,not for pleasure. Just to earn money. Money i need in order to do something that's important for the rest of my life, and for someone else too.

-Take good care of her,as always.

And i hope i will entertain my few readers a little. Sorry btw for making spelling mistakes,i'm a very furious writer. Once i start writer,i want to get over with it and finish the text quickly. So i don't read it again.

I will be very busy soon. I have to work from mondays to fridays,and this weekend, i have to take part in a first aid course. So saturday and sunday is nothing but work. At least i know what to do when a disabled person collapses. How nice. I'm looking forward to applying these techniques already.

But you know, i don't complain here. My life looks very good at the moment. Music isn't the main thing in my life,but i know i can fall back on it. And if it doesn't even take music to feel good,then it must be really good, coz usually i'd be either in a bad mood or too bored so i'd have to make music. But now, there is no "usual" any more. My life is so different from not even 12 months ago. And i could go on talking about 2005 now,but i'll do that later when it's reflection time again for me.
You will hear from me again. Take care,my friends. And remember what you DO have and not what you don't have. You might wanna slap yourself for not being aware of it once things go worse.

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