Thursday, January 21, 2016

Everything Is A Hoax?!

I'm really getting confused. I don't know what to believe any more.

First, everyone talks about global warming. Then, it's a hoax. Then, when you dig deeper, the hoax is supposedly a hoax made by "scientists" who receive pay checks from the oil industry. I think it's already too difficult to really find the truth. And to be honest, I don't care if it's about a topic I won't live long enough to see happen.

And then there is "Peak Oil". More or less the idea that we've already seen the highest point in oil production on this planet and that our oil resources are now drying out year by year.

Well, if you ask me, that's total bullshit. Why? Have you seen the oil prices lately?

When I went to business school in 2007, we learned about stocks, bonds, options and all that stuff. Back then I thought to myself: If I ever get into that kind of business, I'll buy oil options, because hey, the prices MUST go up because it's a scarce resource, right?

Well, fuck that. Luckily I never bought anything oil-related, otherwise I'd be piss poor by now. We obviously can't have oil shortages anytime soon because the price of oil is going lower and lower. I remember how I watched one peak oil documentary years ago and one guy working at a platform said "I think it's going to end in 2025". Well, that's 9 years from now and oil prices are dropping. So who do you think is talking bullshit here?

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Global Warming Is Bullshit!

I've never really read up on global warming and climate change until now, so I have never really made up my mind apart from the obvious stuff you hear on the media ("all scientists agree global warming is man-made").

What has been perplexing me in recent years is how there are always news articles saying "now scientists are sure it really is man-made". As if there is a desperate need to emphasize how sure everyone is. I even wrote about it years ago.

I've had this hunch that maybe global warming could be a hoax, and after watching some youtube videos that are critical of global warming, I'm indeed leaning towards the hoaxy direction.

One of the videos is an elaborate British tv documentary that presents a lot of convincing evidence you should check out. The other is lots of that in a nutshell, powerfully composed into one convincing video.

Some of the key points of both videos combined are:

  • Supposedly "most scientists agreeing" that global warming exists (95-99 per cent of "all scientists") is a very flawed and terribly conducted study that's a borderline lie
  • There are heavy temperature shifts in recent centuries and millenia that are all natural
  • The sun plays a big part in the weather and the ongoing and ever-ongoing climate change
  • The correlation between economic development (and therefore CO2 increase) and temperature changes in the second half of the 20th century doesn't add up
  • Only about 0.05 per cent of the atmosphere is even C02, and only a part of that is man-made
  • Polar bears and arctic ice have increased massively despite fears and warnings
  • There is no increase in the average overall temperature in the past 17 years

Here are the two videos:

Also worth noting is my personal view that hasn't changed much anyways:

We have bigger problems than a possible climate change. Why do we care how the world looks in 100 years?

This may sound egoistic, but that's because it is.I don't give a flying fuck about what my non-existing grandchildren will go through. Let them keep some problems to solve on their own and stop trying to save the world all the time.

To be honest, I don't care if the world is 7 degrees celcius warmer when I'm 80 years old...but with all the computer models having failed to show the results of the past 17 years correctly, it would be a surprise if the temperature in the year 2100 (!) was even 2 degrees above today's values... and that's basically nothing we're talking about here.

Plus, if you watch the documentary, you will see that a decent increase in temperature will even be helpful for almost ALL involved (including animals).

I think (and I'm not even kidding) it's more likely that Germany will become an islamic country than that climate change will negatively impact humanity on a great scale. And with that said, let's return to our actual problems... terror threats and terrorist attacks. Wanna bet that we're in for some more surprises this year?