Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new F1 driver / Singapore enraged

Forget about Drive Through.
Forget about Häkikinnen.
The new driver in Formula 1 is Alonos.

Who? Alonos. Hmm... never heard about that guy. It can't be Alonso, that would mean it's a typo.

So, regarding my last post about intolerance, I have news. Singaporeans on the internet have found out about the tv show that claimed that Singaporeans are nuts. And now they are angry about it.
The bad thing about this is that it helps neither country. The Singaporeans feel enraged and some of them may now think that ALL of us (Germans) think of them in a bad way. And in the comments of the video, they throw it all back ("at least we did not lose 2 world wars" etc.), so this is what you get for intolerance. Thanks again to Pro7, these fuckers.

Let's not stop here. Let's make some things clear so that everyone is pissed:

ALL French people eat snails and are arrogant.
ALL East Europeans are cheap, illegal workers and communists.
ALL Asians always smile and have a bad accent.
ALL Americans are rich, spoilt, have no respect for other people and are superficial.
ALL people speaking Spanish wear funny straw hats, wear a mustache and make salsa music while eating tortillas.
ALL Arabs want to take over the world and spread their "message".
ALL Germans are evil and yes, Hitler is still our "president", at the proud age of 122.

That was just me being sarcastic.