Thursday, May 09, 2013

The "baby dies in heated car" season has started

Every year, even without actively looking for such things, I read or hear about cases of people who leave their children in the car when it's hot. And the children die.

This year, it started in Sweden, and it already happened now, in May. A father "forgot" his child in his car and when he realised he had "forgotten" the baby, the baby was dead.

Waiting for these sorts of news is like waiting for the "amen" in the church: It's going to happen. You can count on it.

I don't understand what's there to "forget". I don't actually believe that you can "forget" your child in the car. You either take your child with you and accept that it's a little inconvenient when you want to buy a pack of cigarettes or meet some friends in a bar, or you deliberately leave the child behind because "it's going to be okay" for just 5 minutes....

"Forgetting" your child is like forgetting your groceries in the car when you come home from the super market. It never happened to me that I later came back to find all the cheese and chocolate dripping from the  seats. I don't know if it happens to other people, but I usually take everything that belongs to me out of the car and into the house. And I'm only talking about things that don't make sounds, don't breathe and don't have a specific seat in the car reserved to them.

I mean: When you have a child, it has become routine to take the baby into and out of the car... just like turning the key, applying the seat belt, and so on. Don't tell me about "forgetting"... these people should forget to breathe and see what happens then.

Other avoidable and plainly stupid deaths include:

-driving over your own child in a garage or at a parking lot
-killing your new-born child because you don't want children (there is such a thing as adoption in many countries)
-washing machine killings
-letting your child play near the street while carelessly talking to neighbours

We are going to hear some more news in the months to come. The summer is still young and stupidity never dies.