Sunday, February 22, 2009

The mandatory post for this month

Hello to all my readers. I'm glad some people read this blog, thank you very much.

Not much is going on though, so I will keep this short. I have to write anyway because I have this neurosis that tells me to update every month of the year (because it would drive me crazy if there was one month missing in the list of months that I posted in).

I gained weight, several kilos. When Ira is back home again after three months of being here, I will do some very strict diet. Some of my pants hardly fit, and I also feel thicker. I have to do something but it's okay, I once lost 30 kilos and I can lose 10 or 15 kilos again if I want to. It's all a question of will, and I can force myself if I want to.

The winter here is also not so bad. It's not as romantic-looking as in good old Norway (jealous looks at Desi's blog) but we have a lot of snow compared to the years before (at least in my memory). I had hoped Ira would see some snow, and there have been several occasions, so we did the usual stuff like throwing snow balls or building a snow man. What we didn't do yet was sliding down a hill or doing this "snow angels" stuff. Haha.

Winter is not my favourite season, but it's close. Autumn comes first. Spring is also okay. And summer I really don't like much except for the times when I'm on holidays (but that's a lame excuse for liking a season).

I'm also at another turning point (yet again). Do I pick up doing physical excercises again? Do I lose weight again? Do I get a new hair cut? Do I colour my hair? What about jobs?

Will see... will see soon.