Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Without further ado" IS further ado!

Do you notice when people, especially on Youtube, say "so without further ado, let's head right in..."?

They use that expression after a long introduction into their topic, as if to say that they are going to start talking about the REAL stuff finally.

Well, guess what? When you say "without further ado", that's already a filler I don't need! Instead, shut up and begin your topic already!

It's as if I gave you a long speech about what I'm going to discuss next, and then I say:

"...So without further ado, without torturing your nerves any more, without challenging your patience any longer, without driving you totally nuts about me prolonging this wonderful topic any longer, let me now, at this very, very wondrous moment, in which so many beautiful and exciting other things might occur, slowly, but very very surely, with total determination and extreme prejudice, move, walk, almost run towards this issue, this very issue I have been introducing you to, this issue that I want to now talk to you about, let it be here, let it be now, let it be this very time and place... here we go...yes... really" and then you start fucking talking.