Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Who sucks the most?

I just read an interview in which a woman from a child organisation said that Germany is not a child-friendly country.

My usual reaction when it's about racism or other negative things about my fellow countrymen would be: "at least it's not me who has this attitude". But in this case, I will proudly declare myself a childhater. Yes, I hate them and I am proud to be part of the childhater movement.

But why?

I could mention a thousand things. Maybe I don't hate children for what they are but for what they have become. And of course there are always exceptions, but you don't wanna hear the boring part, right? Okay, so I will skip this part.

I hate that children are trained to become annoying by the cartoons.
I hate that the parents don't know what the source of this annoying behaviour is.
I hate that laws are made to put different types of child noise into the same category.

A while ago, when the smurfs were on TV and spongebob was not even invented, nobody sued against kindergartens or playgrounds being too noisy. More children were born than today, or at least as many as today. But still something is different today.

Let's talk about child noise in detail:

There is a "happy" child noise. You could compare it to birds singing. It can be annoying and you want to shoot the birds, but somehow there is something natural to it, so you are saying to yourself: "well, that's the way it is and there is nothing too irritating about it".

Then there is the other noise. You can compare it to the persistent, penetrating bitching that occurs when a group of birds feels disturbed by a cat. You know this sound, right? It sounds like a bird that thinks of itself as an automatic gun. But now I'm going too deep into comparisons.

Just one more comparison. This child noise... I think it sounds like the sound a child would make if you put a wooden stick up his ... okay... you get the idea.

Here is the important part: Some children are happy and playful in the kindergarten or playground, and then it sounds rather bearable. But sometimes you hear a high-pitched scream that will burst glass, or a scream that sounds like someone is dying. Or a scream that sounds like someone is arguing in the worst way. This is not natural. This is unnatural. This is where the above mentioned bird would be psychotic. You would shoot the bird out of mercy.

So is Germany not child-friendly? I guess so, yeah. But the hate is directed towards those who put children into this world and don't know a thing about child education. They are careless and think that the society is going to catch their fall. Both their financial fall and their fall into a need for protection. They think: I'm the parent, I deserve this and that. But they don't see the duties connected with being a parent.

And the media? Well, they must make money. You can't ask for anything that can't be measured in money. You can't. Don't expect them to make changes. Today you can't keep a child interested in a smurfs episode for more than 10 seconds. It's not the child's fault. The smurfs are too adapted, too average, too polite (sounds like me). You need a spongebob in your face or some other cartoon hero that can explode or knot his eyes that come popping out of his head.

Another thing I want to complain about: When married persons are forced by their families to produce children. In some societies it's absolutely normal that two people get married and come up with a child within 12 months from the wedding date.
The families cause a lot of pressure. They use all kinds of arguments for the married couple to make a child. Including these:

-Don't make it hard for us. Our relatives are all asking for a baby
-Just do what every generation has been doing
-You need the child to care for you when you're old
-You insult GOD if you don't make a child

Yeah, so without a financial foundation and without any experience as a married couple, you must make a child now! And just forget about the child's needs or the divorce rate.

This is what needs to become better:

-Only make a child when YOU want one
-Ask yourself if you are already confident enough to have a child in your relationship
-Learn how to raise a child and how children use manipulation techniques against you (yes, against you!)
-Learn how influences from the outside stimulate or overstimulate your child!
-Teach your child the skills to become a bearable, not an unbearable part of this society
-Take responsibility for your child and its actions and don't make excuses like "I didn't want a child, my partner/family wanted a child"

If everyone acted accordingly, we would not have a problem. I am sure of that. I won't lie to you though: I know it's hard to be a perfect mother or father. And child education is not easily realised from a theory book. But that is exactly the reason why I don't want a child.

And just so you know: I'm aware of a couple of good things about having children: The sense of humour they develop, the happy days when you sit together at a table eating, talking or playing board games, the happy moments when they learn to ride a bike, when they get married and so on... I know, I know, I know.

In case anyone wants to use the Darwin argument: No, don't. First of all: I won't be able to make everyone think like me. And even if everyone in your country, my country and 10 other countries would stop making children, humanity would not go extinct. Survival of humanity is NOT an argument for having a child nowadays.

Final question to EVERY person who might be reading: Who do you think sucks most in this whole childhood shit?

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