Monday, December 31, 2007

End of 2007

Not to forget another blog entry for this month. 2007 is coming to an end. It was full of events and emotions, though not quite as big as 2006 in my opinion. 2008 will also be stronger again because of unknown things in the future. I hope there will be progress because I don't want to stand still all the time, at the same time I'd appreciate not to give myself up for my jobs etc.

I don't have resolutions for next year because I don't believe that making resolutions just for the sake of a new year makes a difference. If you want to change something, you can start anytime. If you don't, then a resolution won't make you stronger. But maybe people take it as a moment to remember that there -is- a chance to change things, so I accept the possibility.

I've neglected music a lot recently. Long time since I played an instrument. I'm not into it at the moment, maybe it's time for some new hobbies, though I still need to finish some songs sooner or later. It would be a waste if the material that exists only in my head will not be born. Not sure what it is good for but maybe it will be some sort of legacy one day.

Happy new year to everyone. Be prepared for the crazy surprises, disasters and triumphs of a new year.