Sunday, April 27, 2014

For Women

Diets for women, protein shakes for women, medicine for women... everything has to be "for women".

I found this out when I was looking for keywords for my other blog. When I searched for these keywords (which are based on real google searches that people performed), I found out that a lot of women search for stuff that is especially designed for women.

Well, to be honest, I never bothered to search for "protein shakes FOR MEN" or "diets FOR MEN". I just assumed that what I searched for would be suitable as soon as results show up, regardless of whether I'm male, German, in my 30s, or a Nazi (just kidding). It never crossed my mind that the results in google would only be for women. Although that's often the case when searching for hair styles.

So... what's going on here? Are we in a video game world where every character is male by default unless it has a purple or pink bow?

And why do women search "for women" when what they search for is basically genderless? Why would a protein shake not do the same for women that it does for men? Why would a diet be only for men when it's mostly women that are so extremely concerned with their weight?

And most of all: Why do women always act as if they were inferior to men? Oh, look at me, I'm just a woman so I have to add "for women" in my search request so that all the "for men" results are filtered out.

Or is it that women believe they can only safely search for kitchen supplies, celebrity gossip and makeup because that's their world? Everything else is the man's world? Science, knowledge, philosophy? All stuff that only guys are interested in? So you have to add "for women" to find out there was nothing especially for women to begin with?

That's bullshit.

Now let me end this post and keep searching for health-related articles on the internet... for men, I guess.