Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Is President And Everyone Loses Their Mind

Donald Trump is now officially president of the USA. And everyone here in Europe, especially in Germany, is losing their mind.

I can only laugh about it. When I compare Trump to the spineless politicians in Europe, people who can't even say a single sentence in proper English without embarrassing themselves to death, Trump looks way better because he knows he can speak with confidence and doesn't have to be afraid.

Politicians here come up with their conclusions of what "can't be done", and America isolating itself is one of the things that supposedly "can't be done". Well, first of all, why are you so sure it can't be done, and secondly, why do you keep insisting that it's bad for America, but you as Europeans are the ones that are shitting their pants?

Could it be that EUROPE is afraid of disadvantages, and that AMERICA might be the one to benefit from harsh trading laws?

See, I'm wondering who's in charge here. From what I hear, this whole "fear" is just an attempt to manipulate people's opinion. Because politicians here are scared that Europe will lose out on a lot of money, goods etc.

On another note, I would like to state clearly that Trump is not going to install death camps, create a nazi army or any bullshit like that. It's all hype. Even a considerable number of latinos voted for him, and why? Because they, of course, don't like to be associated with illegal immigrants.

This is the thing I keep thinking: Xenophobia only becomes a problem when immigrants as a whole are seen as a bad thing. This also happens in Germany. We have a lot of problems with so called refugees, but everyone who looks different has to suffer now. If you're a black university professor from Britain, people will look down on you because all they see is another guy who might rape a woman or scream "Allahu Fuck Y'all" and blow shit up.

I'm actually glad that Trump is president now. He may not be a good president, who knows, but at least he stands for a lot of values that are dying now. He is NOT politically correct, he does NOT want to shut his mouth about the dangers of religion X, and he does not want to tiptoe around topics of illegal immigration, terrorism etc.

In Germany, the taboo-isation is so complete that you're already a nazi if you talk about "terrorist X came as a refugee".

We can't have that any more. Germany is at the brink of disaster, and the reason is that they are so traumatised about their own history that they would rather run blindly into becoming an islamic state one day than to even slightly risk becoming a nazi empire (lol) again (despite being totally brainwashed into guilt in school). I'm not saying that either of these things is happening in the next couple of years, but the birth rates of immigrants of a certain religious background and all other people in Germany are speaking volumes... and birth rates go hand in hand with the education and indoctrination those kids get from their parents.

At least emigration is still an option 10 to 30 years down the road. But I don't expect to be welcomed with open arms like Germans welcomed those people.

Also: I remember being a child 20 years ago. And back then, it was all TOTALLY different. I know how fast society can change.