Friday, April 22, 2016

Politically Correct Bullshit

Sometimes it's okay to be politically correct. For instance, nobody would say that "women shouldn't become bus drivers" is a fair thing to say. But sometimes, especially in Germany, political correctness is almost like a mental disease.

A while back, a politician came up with the idea that refugees should be invited to take part in a voluntary intelligence test in order to "discover hidden talent".

There was suddenly an outcry from other politicians who claimed this idea would enforce racial stereotypes. What the hell? Why?

If anyone gave the general public an invitation for a voluntary intelligence test, nobody would be offended. But because it's foreigners, a specific group (like women, disabled people etc.), we HAVE TO be offended.

It's better NOT to discover hidden talent that we could give our full support. Instead, let's just cover all minorities with a blanket of political correctness and treat everybody the same. The hidden genius that has the potential to become a new Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, and all the other normal people or maybe even totally stupid people. Let's not take ANY chances whatsoever. It's just too risky. We might upset people.

Just stick to what's known... never venture outside of your box.