Thursday, September 02, 2010

He cheats, she cheats, everyone cheats?!

Uhh.. what? What is wrong with again? They put an article online that was about cheating in a relationship. They only can't decide what to write there. In the headline, they say "if she earns a lot, he cheats". But then, when they start the text, they suddenly claim that "if she earns a lot, she cheats".

Later they explain that both is the case. Meaning: If the woman in a relationship earns more (not "a lot", just "more") than the male partner, then he is more likely to cheat on her. At the same time, she is also more likely to cheat on him. In America. Another thing that makes me wonder why we need to read about this study.

The confusion goes on as the writers of the article mix apples with oranges. The way it is written, it makes you think that the woman cheats because she can't rely on the man, and the man cheats because of his hurt ego. On top of that, check this out: If the woman is financially dependent on the man, then he also cheats a lot! What?!

You can prove everything with statistics.

The most daring part is what is claimed here: If the man is a latino, he is more likely to cheat. Wow! Bringing up facts is a good thing but I wonder if that's politically correct. I mean, if there was information in this article about the sex life of muslim or jewish men, I bet there would be protests and threats of murder everywhere.

Here are some of the conclusions we should remember:

-If the woman earns more, the man cheats
-If the woman depends on the man, the man cheats
-If the woman earns more and the man is a latino, he DEFINITELY cheats

Conclusion: The man is always the asshole.

According to the article, sophisticated people cheat on each other a lot less often. One user who commented thinks that this has to do with financial matters (a divorce is expensive).

However, I will end this post with one user comment that concludes this weird article, and I believe this is what sums the craziness up (I salute the person who was creative enough for this):

"It could also be that the act of cheating of some women with a higher income is also their profession".