Monday, November 11, 2013

Major Suckage

Recent things that suck:

1. The fact that my MS Word, although I'm German and have lived in Germany all my life, does not know certain words it should. For example:

  • Hühnchenfleisch (chicken meat) - alternate suggestion: Menschenfleisch (Human meat)
  • Heißhungerattacken (urgent food cravings / hunger attacks) - alternate suggestion: Regierungsattacken (government attacks?!)

2. The fact that blogger does not know how to format text properly. I spent 2 hours writing a blog post about a video game, formatting the text with colors, fonts, headlines, bold, italics and other stuff, only to find out most of the stuff doesn't make a damn difference to blogger. 

Well, we only live in the year 2013. We're not advanced enough yet. I mean, good things take time. But then, why don't we need a crank handle to start a car's engine, or why do we not need phone operators to talk to on the phone any more, and why can I actually write all this stuff to people around the world when blogger is not able to format texts? I mean, this whole internet stuff is much too avant-garde in comparison to text formatting....woah!

3. The fact that yahoo mail actually has the guts to ask me to confirm that I'm not a spammer. I'm trying to write an email to someone I know and yahoo asks me to enter a number code in order to make sure I'm not a robot. 

First of all, I can't even read the damn numbers. Sometimes I get it wrong! And also, this is my damn email adress, okay? I could try another provider if yahoo doesn't trust me.

Then, on the other hand, yahoo mail is an ass-kisser. When my spam folder is empty (lol), they say "you are my hero! You keep your folder free from spam". What the hell? Then why do you give me this slavery treatment like I'm supposed to be grateful I can even SEND an email????!!!!

4. The fact that Supermarkt prices are STILL like this:


I keep collecting coins I don't freaking need. I need to go to a bank to put them back into my account. Who needs this?

Of all the secret, hidden, subliminal psychology tricks that groceries use, is this one really the absolute best? Is this the all time money maker?

Are people really that easily impressed by numbers? Come on, if just one market rounded up the numbers, people would feel a sudden relief from pain in the ass!

5. The fact that my internet router is losing connection or resetting every day. Oh well, it's only the year 2013. We don't have Neuro-USB-connectors at the back of our heads yet.

If I was in charge of any of these things, wow... but no, I'm just a crappy customer.