Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Video Games: Another World

This game was the most shocking game of my childhood. It was also one of the first games I played on the Mega Drive / Genesis made by Sega. I got one in 1993, I believe. The game had pretty good graphics for the time because of the technology used.

The game was made by the same production company that also made Flashback. But as opposed to Flashback, Another world, also known as Out of this World, is a very dark game with a hopeless and cold environment.

Even the intro is very dark and gloomy.

You are a scientist who is transported to another dimension by an accident during an experiment. You suddenly find yourself underwater. Immediately, you must swim for your life because something wants to kill you. Once you get out of the water, you inspect your surroundings and find strange snails. As a child, you are curious what these snails are and you come closer... big mistake. They sting you and you die.

You start over and try again. You learn that you can kick the snails to death and move on. But be careful, because some snails drop from the rock ceiling and land in front of you, being able to kill you.

You move on and find a small cave... suddenly, a big creature appears. I always called this a hellhound when I was young. Well... you panic and get eaten.

You start over again. Now you know there will be a monster in your way. So you try to prepare yourself. The monster appears. You run for your life...

This is how the game keeps going. Later, there will be hostile aliens who capture you, you get a gun, and every time you make a mistake, you die. When you get shot, only your sceleton remains. It's best if you just watch the video.

I don't remember how I finished this game. The good thing is it has passwords. I do remember that many parts of the game were very difficult. There were even riddles. There was also a lot of action. And many scary moments.

In the end, you barely survive. You have a friend who is also an alien and who has saved your ass many times. Badly injured, he flies off with you on a dragon. The future is uncertain, just like in Flashback.