Tuesday, July 01, 2014

White People Can Never Say "Nigga"

When a white person calls a black person "nigga", this is insulting and there is no question about it.

But what happens if the white person isn't trying to offend the black person and simply cites either a black person or references a song with the word "nigga" in it?

The answer came this year at the vienna opera ball in February. Kim Kardashian was a special guest there, invited by a millionaire for a large amount of money.

She met the German comedian Oliver Pocher there. In an interview, Pocher was asked whether he would dance at the ball.

His answer was: Yes, we are just waiting for the song "Niggas in Vienna".

For your information: He was referencing a song by Kanye West, Kardashian's boyfriend (!), who had made a song called "Niggas in Paris".

So clearly, Pocher only made a joke that was basically just the title of a song, just slightly changed to the location they were at: Vienna.

What was Kardashian's response? She and her mum were all grumpy and totally offended. Their first words to each other were: "He said nigga".

Let's recap:

  1. Black person makes a song about "niggas in Paris", defining himself as one of these "niggas".
  2. Girlfriend of black person (who obviously had no problem with prior statement) goes to Opera ball.
  3. White guy references song, only calling it "Niggas in Vienna" instead.
  4. Girlfriend is offended beyond belief. No more coolness, no more "me and my niggas" attitude.

Here is my complaint: When you're the girlfriend of a guy who likes to throw around the word "nigga", don't be insulted if other people use that word in satirical (not racist) ways.

I find it the biggest hippocrisy how all these gangstas and their girlfriends define themselves as "niggas" and then feel totally shocked and astonished when they hear the same word from a white person's mouth.

Now, let's fast forward to this year's football world cup. The black singer Rihanna, appearantly a big fan of the German national team, recently wrote about the (white) striker Miroslav Klose:

My nigga Klose.

She's a big fan of Klose. But now let me ask you: Am I even allowed to mention how she called him? Or will that cause black people to say: Damn.... he said "nigga"!!!

And until now, I always thought that only white people are so inhibited.