Saturday, November 22, 2008

No, not this...

Oh no... please no. Youtube did it. The same thing that Myspace did. This stupid "do you want to change the language" thing. When Myspace did it, it never stopped, it was as if everytime I went to Myspace, they asked me if I wanted to change the language from English to German. Why do they do that? It's okay once, but they do it all the time. Why? And now Youtube does it too.

So as you can see here, I'm about to watch a video. It has already been fully loaded, I just pressed "pause" because I can't stand this whole watching-waiting-watching-waiting routine. But I have this unsatisfying thing at the top of the page, I don't need this, it's already a long enough way from the comments up to the top where I can access my account, for example. So I press "abort" because I really don't need Youtube to be German, I got used to the way it is and don't want to get used to strange translations of well-known terms.

What? Why is the video loading again? It reloaded the whole page? Why? Why couldn't they make it like the "more info" button on the side of the video, where it just pops up and out when you wanna read more? Why does it mess with me here? Argh... and it always keeps happening, I don't want it in German, leave me alone!

It's the same thing like this annoying paper clip from Word:
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"No, thanks"
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"No, I didn't change my mind"
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!"

Why do good things always have to change? Just like the websites that eventually get crowded with advertisements. Sometimes it's so bugged that the advertisements can't be clicked away so you can't even watch the video any more. Not on youtube, but elsewhere... well, until youtube does it too. They already use a lot of advertising.

Look at another mistake I found:

Don't mind that you can't read it, you don't know what it says anyway. It says: "as one of the most famous stars, Freddy Mercury 19 died of AIDS". Freddy Mercury 19? Is he a comet?


Enough for today. Maybe I will post something else soon.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Batman, Sex, Breasts and Ohhhhh God!!!!!!!

1. A Turkish city is trying to go to court against Batman. The reason? The city is called "Batman" and they claim that the name of the super hero was stolen from them. How pathetic. Batman is even an English word with its own meaning. Just a publicity thing, no meaning behind it. I once even knew a Turkish guy with a LAST NAME Batman! What is he going to do? I hope not the same as Bully and all these other idiots.

2.There was an article about Lewis Hamilton's team, McLaren. The article said that McLaren had been waiting for a title since 1998. WRONG! Very WRONG! I don't understand what they are saying. There are two titles in Formula 1. The constructor's championship and the driver's championship.

This year, McLaren only won the driver's championship (Hamilton's title). In 1998 AND 1999, Mclaren also won that title with Mika Hakkinen.

In 1998, they won the constructor's title also. But they didn't win it the year after. Just like they didn't win it in 2008.

Therefore: If you write about McLaren having waited since 1998, it makes no sense. Because you either say they ARE still waiting (because they have not won the constructor's title since 1999 until today!) or you say: They have been waiting since 1999. Because that was their last Driver's title. But you can't mix apples and oranges by saying "they had not won a constructor's championship since 1998, but now thankfully they won the DRIVER's championship this year". That's like forgetting about the title in 1999. Most illogical. And it shows again that the knowledge of a Formula 1 fan is worth more than the knowledge of someone who gets paid for knowing this. What an unfair world. If I was a marketing fan or a businessman fan (if that ever exists), would it be normal if I knew more than the people in the marketing and the stock market? No, makes no sense at all, bullshit!

3. Wow... should I skip this? Yes, I think none of my readers knows what an advent calendar is. No, I will write it here:

Okay, an advent calendar is a sort of calendar you put on a wall, like an ordinary calendar. And for every day between the 1st of December and Christmas, there is a small "door" that you can open with chocolate in it. There are different types of calendars, mostly they show a picture of a Christmas scenery full of people ice skating, going to the markets, celebrating, drinking whine, etc. And in this particular calendar here, there was a BIG scandal because it showed a mass murderer. I don't see what's so shocking about it though because this guy killed people 90 years ago! 90! I think everyone who was alive back then is dead now, and also everyone who was ever a victim's child. How can you call that shocking? Or a scandal. Bullshit again.

4. Now maybe to the worst. There is a new phenomenon with online articles. They have been using phrases like "Shock" or "Terrible" but now they are going one step further by putting stuff on the screen like "Oh God!". And I think that's very distasteful.
They have even opened a series, it seems. First there was this "Oh God! Sex can make you feel depressed" and now there is "Oh God! Coffee lets breasts shrink".

The "Oh God!" series starts off as "assholy" as it could. It says in the headline that it can cause depression. But only when you already enter the article in shock and terrible fear of never being happy again, you realise that only CYBER sex can cause depression. Whatever cyber sex is defined as, I already don't care while realising that the whole article was only supposed to get my attention.

By the way. just below the headline it says "the whole truth". That's either a lie because the above statement is wrong, or it's like "you know what, what we just said is bullshit, just read on and see what we are really trying to say".

A little different is the next "Oh God!" article, because at least it doesn't promise more than it keeps.

The headline says what the article follows. And now all the girls reading this (but it won't be many) will probably have their alarm bells ringing like crazy. Three cups of coffee a day can cause the breasts to grow smaller. Yeah. Big shock. I now know why I have never drunk even one cup of coffee in my life. Because:

-if female breasts + coffee = smaller breasts

then similar stuff will happen to guys. Because males also have sexual organs, they are just a little different, but the same rules apply to them. The only thing about this is that scientists first have to prove the obvious before we all know it.

By the way, notice how every article about breasts, no matter if it's medical or just for shock, always uses naked breasts to support the views and clicks? Sooner or later I will surely be able to show you an article about breast cancer, and they will joyfully use inappropriate pictures there to exploit the serious topic.

I already hate the "Oh God!" series. But they are not going to stop until they have found something new. Maybe in 5 years, it will be the "Shit your pants!" phrase instead.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tired mind, unused body

What a day. Many things happened although or because I spend most of the time at the computer, hours and hours of it. I almost cried once, felt angry, felt discouraged, felt helpless, and now I feel tired. And everything is connected. Whatever you want to be towards a person, it has to stay in balance and go back and forth between them. If it's missing on one side, how can it come from the other side?

First I want to purge my soul with the usual rant about stuff in the media. I once mentioned this Bully guy, the comedian who went to court because a computer game carries the same name that he uses for himself. Yesterday I read he lost, which is what I expected and hoped for. Was there nobody of his rich friends who saw that coming? Well, I'm not going to to to court against all the love song writers even if I call myself Mr. Love.

There was a news article about Kim Jong Il. First it made a very neutral impression, they're wondering what's up with him. Some pictures showed him obviously watching a football match, but there seem to be no pictures with him AND the match in one picture, so people suspect the pictures are old ones. Some hours later, the headline suddenly says "new pictures: is Kim Jong Il dead?". A more drastic headline, but the article is still the same. "Dead" is a good word. If only there were rumours about him having cut off his head, that would be much better for them.

Before the last Formula 1 race of the season, they showed some clips on tv about other events when the last race of the season brought the decision. And there was once when the guy on tv said "Fuji, Japan". That made my blood boil because it was not Fuji in 1990, it was Suzuka. Dammit! Yes, they were right about Fuji 1976, and they even got it that it was Adelaide in 1994 and not Melbourne, but why this silly mistake? Fuji was in the calendar in 1976 and 1977, but after that no more until 2007. It has been only two seasons with Fuji being back, and they already can't remember Suzuka any more?
Why do these people get a job that broadcasts Formula 1? I was 7 years old when the incident at Suzuka was, and even I know that it was there. I didn't even watch the races back then. Why do I know more than these people? Does it mean I am also allowed to know less about my job? I don't think so.
There is also no excuse, even if the mistake is small. RTL has been televising F1 since at least 1992, that's the earliest cassette I have seen. They have to know their facts. But hardly one race passes where I don't get angry at someone's unqualified comments. And I also see things on the tv screen a lot earlier than they realise it in their seats.

So Hamilton is world champion unless he gets disqualified in the next couple of minutes. You never know. The big loser this year was the FIA with its decisions to penalize everyone for every mistake. In 1989, 1990 and 1994, the world championships were decided by accidents. Nowadays, if that happens the driver who is responsible will be disqualified and lose all points of the season, as happened in 1997. But what I don't like is where they draw the line. Every contact that leads to a spin is already worth an investigation. And I can tell you, in the 90s there were no display flashes saying "incident involving car x is being investigated". It's a shame.
Apart from that, it was quite a nice season. I still fell asleep during some races, but some others were great. The new race tracks were all great, and the final lap of the final race decided who won. It was good. Now I have to wait until March, I guess, before I see another race. I wonder what else I will know then that I don't know now.

I don't know what else to say now. I don't feel very confident about going to work tomorrow although I said to myself on Friday that it might be the best job I had so far. I just don't have so much confidence at the moment. I wish I could have some days off again and just retreat from everything... and with everything, I probably mean how it feels at the moment.