Saturday, November 22, 2008

No, not this...

Oh no... please no. Youtube did it. The same thing that Myspace did. This stupid "do you want to change the language" thing. When Myspace did it, it never stopped, it was as if everytime I went to Myspace, they asked me if I wanted to change the language from English to German. Why do they do that? It's okay once, but they do it all the time. Why? And now Youtube does it too.

So as you can see here, I'm about to watch a video. It has already been fully loaded, I just pressed "pause" because I can't stand this whole watching-waiting-watching-waiting routine. But I have this unsatisfying thing at the top of the page, I don't need this, it's already a long enough way from the comments up to the top where I can access my account, for example. So I press "abort" because I really don't need Youtube to be German, I got used to the way it is and don't want to get used to strange translations of well-known terms.

What? Why is the video loading again? It reloaded the whole page? Why? Why couldn't they make it like the "more info" button on the side of the video, where it just pops up and out when you wanna read more? Why does it mess with me here? Argh... and it always keeps happening, I don't want it in German, leave me alone!

It's the same thing like this annoying paper clip from Word:
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"No, thanks"
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"No, I didn't change my mind"
"It looks like you are trying to write a letter. Can I help you?"
"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!"

Why do good things always have to change? Just like the websites that eventually get crowded with advertisements. Sometimes it's so bugged that the advertisements can't be clicked away so you can't even watch the video any more. Not on youtube, but elsewhere... well, until youtube does it too. They already use a lot of advertising.

Look at another mistake I found:

Don't mind that you can't read it, you don't know what it says anyway. It says: "as one of the most famous stars, Freddy Mercury 19 died of AIDS". Freddy Mercury 19? Is he a comet?


Enough for today. Maybe I will post something else soon.

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