Friday, June 30, 2006


Germany defeated Argentina in the world cup today. Luckily. It was our first win against one of the top teams in 6 years. So that made my day and we proceed to the semi-finals and even if we lose there (which i don't hope) we would have another match for 3rd place after that at least. So we will be present during almost all the world cup that takes place here,in germany.

If you're not from a country like this that loves football (or soccer,but "football" only fits to this sport literally and not to american football,coz it's not that much about feet) then you can't imagine what it was like today. I drove somewhere today and it was crazy on the streets. The cars were honking,people were screaming, waving, and we all gave these kinds of signs to each other in total happiness...stranger to stranger. Suddenly we were not ordinary people. We were one people,one country. That was impressive. It was like the kids,the old people and the average women and men were suddenly a big family. But what had been there before was 120 minutes of nerve-wrecking action and a crazy end to it. You hardly get to feel this way. As if everything depends on what happens right now...and it's only your team,nothing personal. But you feel as if it was about your life.

I think that was a good distraction for me. The last days were strange. My mood changed a lot,and what added to it was that some people at work stoked my hate for someone by pointing out how i had been taken advantage of. Weird coz i didn't think that way.
Other things occupy my mind too. But I try to not overdramatize it though sometimes it hurts a little. I would just like to sort things out with who's very important for me and not make everything worse by putting secret messages,doubts and all that into it. I just want to know "this is it,this is how i/you feel" and then i can handle it. It's only half as bad if we

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden

The world cup started a few days ago. In my country. Something I need to appreciate,because the next time a world cup will be where i live,I will either have kids and be married,or I'll be dead,or who knows. I'll just watch all the matches if i can and enjoy the presence of the mexican people in my city,coz that's where the mexican team will stay when they need to prepare for the games.
A strange feeling to know everyone is watching us. Usually everybody is talking about other countries because their lifestyle is more significant (france,italy) or they are more beautiful (norway,switzerland) or have more beautiful beaches (warm countries). And we're only on the news when it's about political things I imagine. Or I don't know...maybe when a german sportsmen does well. I'll just enjoy being in the spotlight (as a country,not a person). I know that this will pass so quickly,like all the things that are good and somehow pass so fast. And one day you will only talk about a "world cup 2006" as history. And the hype will die away. Too bad. But who cares about Mexico 86 and Maradona any more? See. He's nothing more than a familiar face sitting on a seat during a match. A little fatter than you remember him from his games,but still alive. "Oh yeah...him...wasn't there something about him on the news the other day?". Like that. The show must go on.