Monday, November 16, 2015

How Racism Increases In Germany

A lot of people hear about troubles in Germany with foreigners, but the truth is very complex and deserves to be mentioned.

Germany is a very open, free society. But it has its limits. The reason that many people protest against migrants have to do with the fact that German politicians are irresponsible to the point where it's basically okay for ANYONE to just enter the country and take what they want: Money, social services, shelter, food. Some of them, as it turns out, are here for the wrong reasons, as the recent terrorist attacks in Paris suggest.

What is actually the problem now? Why do racism and resentments against foreigners increase?

Many problems are to blame for this. One thing that they all have in common: When negative events occur, a person's looks will become important for judging them. Basically, when there are negative feelings against migrants or refugees, people will have a negative attitude towards everyone who looks like they might be a refugee. Whether they are or not.

Here are some examples of why Germans become angry:

1. Dealing with terrorism

When terrorist attacks occur, many German politicians act like they are robots, programmed to utter certain statements. These statements will include phrases such as:

  • This has nothing to do with Islam
  • We have to fight right-wing groups who are against foreigners EVEN MORE now
  • We have to be EVEN MORE tolerant towards migrants
  • Let this terrorist attack not divide our nation
  • Let us show the world that we value tolerance and freedom

When you take a close look, you will see that not only do many of these statements avoid the issue of terrorism, many of them even go in an opposite way as if to say "we caused this by not being tolerant enough, by allowing people to be against foreigners" and so on.

Very few experts have the courage to say that the prophet Mohammed himself killed countless people. It is not politically correct to do so. Few people say loud and clear what is a very sensible fact to me: Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists can legitimately refer to the quran.

2. Benefits for refugees

Germany is one of the few countries that actually accept immigrants not for their brainpower, not for their low labour cost, not for their technology or economic partnerships, but for completely humanitarian reasons.

If the country you live in does not accept refugees and give them food, shelter or even money, then don't complain about Germany being against foreigners because at least we spend a lot of our income to help millions of them. Yes, millions.

Did you know that all these rich oil states don't accept refugees at all? Their explanation: They are afraid this would cause destabilization of their countries.

But there is a problem with Germany's policy. Too much money is spent on this humanitarian act. Not only do refugees get a shabby place to stay, some old clothes and food. No, they get way more then they would even dream of in their home countries. Their standard of living will rise to the level of any lower class German, which includes a tv, furniture, going to the cinema and lots of other leisure activities.

The problem is that many immigrants know this and think to themselves: Let's not be stupid. If we learn the language too fast, they are going to force us to work. But if we "struggle" to learn the language, reject the German values (men not talking to women, not shaking hands, not accepting the equality of the sexes etc.), and if we produce a lot of children (women are free from having to work if having a child under the age of 3), then they will leave us alone.

Not all immigrants are like that, but way too many. And I can't blame them. If I was from one of these countries, and I heard there is a stupid ass country that gives out money, unlimited residence permits and asks for nothing in return because they whites are too rich to care, hell, I'd join the damn trip to Europe.

3. Behavioural problems

Many refugees are far from well-socialised. Some of them show an astounding disrespect not only for authority, but for women. Many Germans have the fatal misunderstanding that ALL people share the same ideas. Germans believe that everyone would want men and women to be equal, for everyone to follow their own religion and for all people to live in peace.

What many of them don't understand is that a lot of muslims come from a different world. In a world where 99 per cent of the people are muslims, it is believed that the islamic god knows best what's good for everyone, and therefore, the devine law is what counts, regardless of personal preferences. This is a very understandable point of view if you happen to live in one of these countries. The idea that the god you believe in is so powerful he must know better than you, is a very logical-seeming argument, if you take the god's presence for granted.

Germans, on the other hand, have been brought up differently. They know that a multicultural society consists of many people of different believes. It is impossible for everyone to have the same opinion on religion, therefore, everyone needs to have the right to live their religion peacefully, because you might be wrong about your own religion as much as your neighbour might be wrong about his.

Many of the muslims don't know this world, so they will take for granted that their own world view is idealistic. This is a fatal flaw and many people who welcome refugees will soon be disappointed to find out what the real deal is.

4. How to define "extremist"

Let me ask you this: What separates a moderate muslim from an extremist?

Maybe you might say that the moderate muslim lives peacefully and respects people of other faiths, while the extremist is violent both physically and emotionally.

But now consider this: What if we don't just talk about terrorism and non-terrorism for a you think it takes a lot to push a moderate muslim into being extremist?

Let's say, for example, you are the father of a muslim family. You have several children, some of them being daughters. Everything is fine and you don't mind one of your neighbours being christian while another one is an atheist.

Now imagine, especially in Germany, what happens if your daughter decides she wants to marry one of these guys... and these guys, believing in their constitutional rights, don't waste a single thought on converting to a religion they would only feel forced to convert to...

I can tell you one thing: A moderate muslim is not just one who refrains from throwing bombs. It takes a lot more to be moderate, but most muslims simply aren't put to the test. And I guess that's another reason why Germany is simply to soft on foreigners.

These were just a few thoughts. I'm emotional about the issue, but still I try not to be racist and instead give every person I see an honest chance at doing what they should do when they are new:

  • learn the language
  • accept our laws because this is where you live now
  • respect our values
  • don't be an asshole

This is already too much asked, though. And if you make these demands in Germany, even Germans will call you a nazi. Now you know why Germany is fucked up.

So why does racism increase? Because many people have negative expectations of you when they see you. It doesn't reflect what you have done in this country, only what other people have done.

Imagine you are part of a minority group in a country. You try your best, you learn the language, you are nice to everyone, you work hard and pay taxes. But all of your countrymen (the ones who came with you into the new land) act like assholes, drink alcohol, destroy shops and insult Jews and women... how would that make you feel and how would people look at you inspite of your efforts?

See... and this is what I hate. The good foreigners, regardless of skin colour and nationality, will suffer because other people are assholes. But in our politically correct society, we can't talk about that.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Stupid Blog Comments

I don't get a lot of comments on this blog, but on my other blog, I get lots of comments, and 95 per cent of them are okay. Even criticism is okay as long as it's grounded on facts or at least opinions without being cynical or in other ways evil.

But every once in a while, an asshole comes by and tries to shit and pee on me at the same time. These people not only state that they personally disagree with me, but they declare from a godly perspective that my statements are all wrong, rubbish or bullshit.

Today for example, the comment I got was something like this:

That's all nonsense. Everyone needs carbohydrates, especially in the morning. It doesn't have to be chocolate spread and buns, but unless we want to lie in bed all day, that's what's important bla bla bla...

When I read this comment, several things immediately become clear to me:

  • This person does self-reflect in the slightest way how her words might make other people feel. In some way, she is violating the golden rule (don't treat others the way you wouldn't want to be treated). Of course, it's not necessary to kiss everyone's ass, as nobody would want that either, but stating one's opinion is possible without totally shoving someone else's opinion up his ass.
  • She obviously hasn't heard of some people actually doing well without carbs, otherwise she would be more careful with such a statement. And these people can even be found on my blog in the comments section.
  • She has not tried and never will try to live without carbs for a serious period of time. She doesn't have the experience to judge the situation. If she ever really tried living without carbs, her attempt failed and she didn't give it enough time, but judging from her style of writing, she is making her judgements from a distance, so she has no idea what she's talking about.

And there is even a difference between how I write and how she wrote her comment. I'm not the person who says "everyone who eats carbs is an idiot". No, and I acknowledge that the truth can be a lot more complex than just a religious "only carbs / no carbs / only fats / no fats" way of life.

But what some people do is just...."nah... that's all bullshit". You know, if that is your opinion then you should just shut up.

I just love it when people only write a comment in order to piss someone off and to demonstrate that they know basic dogmatic rules of thumb... like "carbs are essential for living" or "it's not possible to survive X days without water" without having ever tried anything like that.

I could make it my occupation to just visit EVERY blog there is out there, find something to nit-pick, wrap my negative comment with some dogmatic words, offer no room for another opinion, and just declare that I "know" the truth and there's no discussing it.

And even though it's only less than 5 per cent of the comments I receive, I still always have a bad feeling when I check the comments... because I expect this kind of shit. This is why I'm sooner or later going to close the comments section.