Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet or cheesy

No, this is not about food. It's about phrases. Recently, I came across some videos, texts, ideas that deal with the expression of love. Or whatever it is that people feel when they come up with overused lines. There are so many out there, wish I could collect them all and go angry about them. Well, I will mention some...

I want to be a tear, be born in your eyes, roll down your cheeks, and die on your lips

Wow...seriously? I mean, you really want to have such a short life? If that can even be called life. So you seriously want to exchange your life as a human being, the ability to be self-aware, to think and feel, you want to give up all this and just flow down on someone's face? How romantic... and pathetic. Well, guess what? It's your lucky day. The magic fairy will transform you into a tear so you can roll down your lover's cheek while he/she cries because his/her new boyfriend/girlfriend has just left him/her. What did you think would happen once you're gone?
I found this cheesy line with the tear in some video, it was made by a girl, I assume, for her boyfriend. I don't have a problem with that, everyone has their own way of expressing romantic ideas. It's just that sometimes, things sound so unreal when you are used to more.

I'd give 10 years of my life to know your name

I found this in a magazine today. An excerpt from a novel or something. It was something in two parts. A letter written to an unknown girl that a tourist has been watching during his vacation. He is too shy to approach her, but he is infatuated. The second part is how she writes back to him.
Well, what can I say? Someone who does not even know a girl says he would give 10 years of his life just to know her name. This sentence is not only naive, it is also absolutely insincere. Who would want that? Who would want to die 10 years earlier just to know a damn name? I mean, if they are supposed to come together and be happy, then he will find out the name anyway. And if not, will he forever be unhappy for not getting to know her (or her name)? Even if he gets to know her, that's where it starts to get interesting. What if they talk to each other and after 20 minutes, he realizes they don't fit together and he was so wrong being so in love. Won't he pull all his hair out for being such a fool and giving the devil 10 years of his life? What a loser... Come on, children can be so naive, but not grown up people. People who write novels!

I'd do anything for you

Another example. This one is very common among people, and you don't even need to be very cheesy or romantic to say that. It has become standard, just like that "Oh my god!!!" phrase where people use God's name but in fact they are not talking to Him, they just want to say how amazed they are (by the way, how would you feel if someone always used your name in that way while you are present to hear it - must be irritating). Anyway, what does "doing anything" mean? People associate heroic deeds with this, as if there's nothing that stands in the way of love, like they are never going to give up. But hold on for a second. How far would you really go? If your love says "eat a piece of dog shit", would you do that because you promised you'd do anything? Okay, that does not happen in real life, but I think some other things do happen. Sadly they don't happen to everyone, especially not the people who use those meaningless phrases. They'd deserve it so they see how they mock people who really must face having to do a lot for love.

I need you

Okay, this one is not only very common, even I have said this a lot. But I also need to wonder about it. How sincere is it and how much do people need each other? The strange thing is, once you cross the line, it's over with the needing part. Someone can say "I need you" one day, and the day after it appears that the needed person has cheated on that someone. There won't be any "I need you" after that in many cases. And anyway, what does "I need you" mean? Doesn't it rather have to be "I want you to be mine" or "Without you I'm nothing"? Needing someone has to do with being very lost without that person. But it does not mean that there are no limits.

I want to spend eternity with you

This is actually a nice one. Because it admits to be cheesy, at least in the context where I saw it. It was in some tv show in Singapore, and it was obviously some comedy stuff. It's nice to admit that something is cheesy. And maybe that makes it a little more sincere, doesn't it?

I could go on and on. A good question to ask would be: What does "I love you" mean? But I've thought about this already so I'm leaving it to the ridiculously small number of people who read this to think about if they haven't already.
And why did I post this? I don't know... but my guess is I'm a little annoyed about the couples who are trendsetters in love, the ones who always impress other people so much that the standard is so high. Nowadays, if you don't throw roses at someone all the time or if you hate valentine's day, you're already a big loser. Why do other people always need to be so over the top? I know how some couples watch other couples, and then the famous sentence is:"Look! Why didn't you ever do that for me?".

Now it's almost December and Christmas is coming. We are soon going to celebrate a special day. It is the reminder for humanity to cherish the day when Jesus and Santa Clause saved the retail industry. Rejoice everyone!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween was a joke this year

I found this ladybird just now, this morning, on November 3rd. I really don't remember seeing any of them before this year, and it's really weird that now one of them shows up. It doesn't stand a chance outside, and I don't know how it got here in the first place. Must have been here the whole night. Poor thing. No matter where it goes, it won't live long. Maybe if it finds the kitchen, it can live a normal life. Nature is really out of balance.

Many people have been talking about Halloween and I wanna do that too. Yes, it has become a big thing over the last few years, and thinking about the good old 80s and 90s, it's a joke back then. But one thing I really noticed about this American tradition that many of us don't really like is that it also depends a lot on the media. And this year it was really ridiculous and pathetic, because first the big tv stations made a big deal out of it (again), always using those trailers for their tv programme with screams, pumpkins, spooky houses and stuff. But then what? You know what happened? No? You wanna know? Okay... they showed some Halloween-related stuff on the weekend (26th to 28th of October), then it was over. Because it's not worth it showing the Halloween movies or anything related to Halloween on the Halloween day itself. It's what I call "blocking", several big tv stations showing crappy stuff on tv because they all think it's not worth competing with great movies, so they just show crap, all of them at the same time, and thus reduce costs. I found it funny that they worship Halloween because it's a season where they can get more people to watch their movies, yet it's not worth showing stuff in the middle of the week. That's where suddenly the commercialised, americanised, dramatised event ends. A Halloween in the middle of the week is as uncommercial as All Saints day. And I noticed that with the normal people, too. I saw some children dressed up in costumes, but only once the door rang, and I'm not even sure if that was because of trick-or-treat people. Well... see how poor it is. Halloween is only a shadow of its former self, even if the tradition is still growing. No matter what a hype Halloween is, it still underlies the rules of the market. If it's not a public holiday, and not on a weekend, it sucks and just dies away that year. Maybe that is the difference between America and Europe.

Hm... not much else is worth mentioning. I'm still in this translator job and it's still okay. I didn't encounter such big problems, it was still bearable so far. I'm even getting used to things and notice how I get better in understanding the context. I suppose this job is going to last until Christmas time, then we will see. Now I'm getting a cold though. But tomorrow is a day off. That's all there is to say for now...