Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Happy April Fool's Day

Isn't it the most beautiful day of the year again? The only day of the year when you have a good excuse not to turn on the tv, not to watch any news, because hey - you only get fooled all the fucking time!

I always thank heavens when April 1st is on a weekend because then I don't have to go to work and meet people who might (just might) fool me. It's the constant alertness that annoys me... knowing that someone MIGHT pretend to fire you etc.

So what are the funny, most hilarious April Fool's jokes this year? Well, let's see...

  • John Lennon's first wife "Cynthia Lennon" died. That's hilarious! We all know he only had Yoko Ono as a wife.
  • Oil platform in Mexico exploded - 4 dead at least. Ha ha... funny! Mexico doesn't even have a sea, right? It's that desert-like place south of America.
  • Reports claim cell phone video from Germanwings plane crash exists - Hahaha! Yeah, right. A while ago you said that everyone on board was pulverised in the crash, and now you're talking about an intact cell phone memory chip. Rolling on floor laughing!
  • Athen refuses to pay back money - yeah, right! Good joke. Surely the European Union would not be stupid enough to lend billions of euros to a country that's not willing to pay anything back. I mean, what kind of goverment would be THAT stupid, huh? guys have a wild imagination. Who's gonna fall for that?
  • IS conquers refugee camp - what a weird joke. Why would a terrorist organisation be interested in conquering a camp of poor, helpless refugees with no strategic value? That's like Germany trying to conquer the whole world and engaging in a war both to the east and west.

As you see, April Fool's Day is when everyone goes crazy with unrealistic news reports. The only weird thing must be when real stuff happens on that day. I mean, you wouldn't want to be a celebrity who dies on that day. Imagine if Justin Bieber actually dies on April 1st and everyone is like "yeah right, lol rofl kek" etc.

Well, I don't know what actually happened, but since it's April Fool's Day, they might as well announce that World War III started... I won't believe it anyway.