Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shake babies if they write!

Even nowadays many parents shake their babies if they write? How does that make sense? I would be happy if I had a baby and it could already write. Or maybe there is a typo and the word is "schreien" instead of "schreiben". Then that would mean that parents shake babies because they scream. How ironic, considering that the same website promotes having children.

Our next contribution to the world of senselessness is a wrong translation in the game "PES 2011". I need to let you know that this game series is full of language-related flaws. The first time I noticed this was in "PES 2008", where there was seriously a part in the german manual that said, in english, "please translate!!!". The most surprising and disappointing thing is that the game series is actually pretty good. So why do they not put the same effort into the translations? 90 per cent of all other games I know try hard enough and usually succeed. The easiest way is to just employ one native speaker.

The below picture shows a mission. A mission is an achievement you are supposed to work on. When you do so, you get rewarded. The mission here says: Prevent opponent goals. That means to me: I am not supposed to let the opponent score a goal against me in this football game. I got suspicious from the start, because prior to this mission, I had already fulfilled the mission "win three matches without any goal against you". That was harder. Why would this one come now, after such a long time?
Well, in the end it turned out to be a translation mistake. Because on several occasions, I won without the opponent scoring a single goal against me. Then what I tried instead was not allowing ANY shots at all. I took the ball from my enemy whenever I could and kept it in my defense, only passing it back and forth for the entire game. I am not sure which part of doing this made me achieve the mission requirements, but that's how I won. But still it's frustrating when you have to guess what you have to do.
I would have loved to change the settings from German to English to see what the actual mission in English would have been, but strangely there is no English text available in this game. In earlier versions, it was possible. I don't know enough French or Russian so I have to do without it here. Maybe the reason English is not included here is because they don't want to embarrass themselves when I compare them?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

When journalists run out of things to say

Why are there two articles right next to each other with the same content?

Both of them deal with the same topic. They describe how the sex life of some people goes bad. Mentioned in both articles: How work affects the stress level, how a romantic weekend can save a relationship and how talking honestly to each other can help.

It still seems to me that a machine produces all these articles. One is categorised as "partnership", the other one as "sexuality". Perhaps that is the reason why these articles, who belong to the upper category "lifestyle", say the same things. Or maybe two authors worked on these articles, got the same information and published it in their respective categories. I don't know. But it's pretty useless. Even the pictures say the same thing. And they are always taken from a source that takes these pictures to display a specific setting or mood or situation. Maybe it really comes from a machine, all of it.