Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Terrorist Attack Checklist

I still remember being a child and not waking up every day hearing about terrorist attacks. Yes, there were such times... but not any more. Anway, here is a checklist for things that must be said in the media in order to successfully calm down everybody and go back to normal as quickly as possible:

  • "This has nothing to do with Islam"
  • "This attack must not divide our nation"
  • "Fight against racism, nazis etc. more than ever"
  • "Muslims are the true victims"
  • "This event should not be used to generalise..."
  • "The religion has been abused"
  • "Islam is a religion of peace"
  • Politician X has condemned the attack
  • Politician X was said to be deeply shocked and concerned about the events
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with X"
  • "We are going to give an answer to this attack"
  • It was an attack of previously unforeseen extent that had never been expected...
  • "It's the fault of the Western world for the exploitation of countries such as X"

And some very interesting questions that are successfully supressed:

  • Why is it always that same religion that's "abused" for such acts?
  • How can a religion be "abused" when a perfect being created it and supposedly dictated the rules in a crystal-clear manner? Would any all-knowing god with the slightest bit of pride allow such a thing?
  • Why does a god who is most powerful and immune to insults need earthly beings to take revenge in his name?
  • Why does it always take people OUTSIDE the religion to point out something is wrong and needs to be adressed INSIDE the religion?
  • Why are we growing so used to these attacks and not doing anything against them?

I'm sure there is more. But whichever points I forgot, the most important thing is: If there is one thing in the whole wide world that can't be blamed, it surely is Islam. Right?

By the way: There hasn't been a successful terrorist attack in Germany yet, but if I had to bet money on any attack here, I'd say it would happen on a Christmas market. Just pointing this out now so maybe I'll be right when it happens... and the sad thing is, sooner or later it has to happen, considering all the idiots following their heart and blowing themselves up.