Saturday, December 11, 2010

Woman says: women don't control what they do

Before I start this post: A big "fuck you" award goes to for the inability to format a text so that it has different colours (And I thought we live in the year 2010 and not 1980)! Thank you blogger, you are getting worse every day!

woman came up with a top 10 list recently. It was about the most common misconceptions of men regarding women's dating patterns. If this had not been written by a woman, I would say it's insulting. But because it was written by a woman, it's even more pathetic.

I will only list the ones I found interesting:

Misconception #1: "Women want to be treated equitably"
"When it's about the first date, women have little desire for emancipation. Even emancipated women wish that the man pays during the first restaurant visit, holds the door open and, not later than the second date, seeks physical contact (holding hands, kiss)".

My comment: This is a perfect example for a common problem in society. Many women don't understand why men don't take them seriously or why it's oh so difficult to be taken seriously. The problem is: Most women only fight for rights, not for responsibilities that come with them. In Germany, many women fought for the right to be able to enter the army as a soldier (soldieress? soldierina?). But few eventually take the step and join the army. To be more drastic, no woman (and of course no man) ever seems to seriously demand that women have the same duty to enter the army that men have. Of course no man would go to court to demand this, because he would be ridiculed, but where is the woman (or at least politician) who takes that step?

You don't have to agree with me here anyway. There are less extreme examples. And the fact that a woman in her first date with a man wants to fulfil the typical role of a passive female is already the first step of unconsciously sending signals she wants to be the one who is led and not leading (or sharing the leading role). I am not saying that everything has to be equal. But I am saying that women should ask themselves what they want instead of changing between priviliges of being a woman and demanding whatever they want whenever they feel like it (and THAT, my friends, is a HUGE prejudice that many men have).

Don't get me wrong. It's okay if the guy does all the things that are described above. But I find it bitchy and silly that some women insist on this "protocol" of a first date.

Misconception #2: "Since women wish for a strong man, men are not allowed to show weaknesses"
"The exact opposite is the case. While there is always a hierarchy among men, women focus more on common ground and bonding. Manly impressing behaviour doesn't affect women in a positive way for that reason. Instead, men who can show weaknesses make a much better impression".

My comment: This is what every woman wants to believe. And you know what? Instead of arguing my ass off here, I will just go to the next point and then you think about this one again, okay?

Misconception #3: "Women only like machos"
"A massive prejudice of men stands behind this. But women like men who dare to approach them and who show courage. Among these active men that show initiave, there can of course be some machos. But that doesn't have to be that way."

My comment: Now we come to the "sexy sandwich maker / responsible rebel" problem that I described a long time ago. Women say that they like men who can admit their weaknesses. But then again, such men also have to be full of courage and faith in themselves. The problem is that it's difficult to be a man who struggles with his weaknesses once in a while and then at the same time is so strong and active.
I am even wondering what kind of weakness is even okay for a woman. It can't be a very bad weakness like being shy, insecure and the like, because then that person wouldn't be good enough to be courageous. But if it's a weakness like forgetting to brush one's teeth or not cleaning up the apartment, is that what a woman would accept???
What I'm trying to point out anyway is that the two points above totally contradict each other in my opinion. I am not saying that there is no possibility they go together, but come on, it's so hard to make everything perfect for this kind of woman who thinks like this.

Misconception #4: "Women are dishonest and only want to play games".
"Not more and not less than men do. Saying this, you should not forget that women don't deliberately control their behaviour, let alone to make men angry".

My comment: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

A woman "admits" that women don't consciously control what they do, in other words are only driven by instinct? Does that mean that, when they cook or go shopping, they only follow impulses and don't really "think" what they do? I mean, okay, that would sound like a reasonable explanation from a guy who doesn't like women. But this comes directly from a woman. By trying to clean up so many misconceptions, she opened up a new file of idiocy and embarrassment. I don't want to ammuse myself here at the expenses of women, but sometimes ONE woman can make more points for the ones she argues against than for herself, and that woman is the writer of this top 10 list. Congrats!