Sunday, September 27, 2015

Refugees Welcome, IF...

Ah, isn't it beautiful... a country with a dark Nazi past is able to reach absolution from all its sins via mass import of so called "refugees" (term used by German media) or "migrants" (term used by other media). Makes you feel all warm inside.

Many of you know about the ups and downs here in Germany, how people either protest against immigrants or welcome them with all their heart. Today, I want to talk about them.

And there is so much to talk about, I don't even know where to start...

First of all, it should be worth noting that Germany is the kingdom of refugees. No other country accepts as many as Germany, and this year we are expecting about a million of them. A million! We are 82 million and one more million is coming in.. that's quite an increase and it costs us a lot of tax Euros!

The other thing is, we accept more than we have to. You see, Germany is part of the European Union (EU), where laws of the EU should apply and determine where the refugees are sent to live while their countries suffer from civil wars and other bad things. But the truth is, none of these laws are effectively working, instead all the other European countries just let the refugees go where ever they want to go... which is Germany, the land of milk and honey. Because Germany has the best social circumstances for poor people. So while the refugees should be distributed almost equally, we accept more than 50% of them (and we have more than 20 countries in the EU, I think).

And also, a very important point: Rich oil states (all of them islamic) refuse to accept refugees. These refugees have the correct mentality, culture and religion, yet the Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain don't give a damn. But then on the other hand, if people in Germany even voice the slightest concerns over the current German pollicy of "everyone is welcome", they are called Nazis.

So here are some of my concerns, and yes, I am deeply concerned:

  • I am predicting that a vast number of the immigrants are not qualified, nor will they ever be, as they don't adapt or want to adapt to a German life
  • The German government is using false arguments for letting the refugees in. They say "we need immigration because we need skilled workers", but we are only accepting refugees for humanitarian reasons, not because they are skilled. Only few of them are doctors, engineers etc.
  • Many of the people who come to Germany aren't even refugees, they are MIGRANTS who want to escape poverty. While that in itself is okay, it applies to 90 per cent of the people in the world. WE CAN'T HAVE THEM HERE! Sorry!
  • Many of these immigrants are everything but Syrian or everything but in danger. Many who are Syrian come from camps in Turkey, where they are safe yet poor. Others are from safe African states who pretend to be Syrian to get a visa.

There are more factors, but only people who actually live in Germany can understand. One thing you all need to know: Germany is EXTREMELY politically correct. For example, the German courts have a very distinctive definition of what a "dignified existence" is - the term used for the lowest acceptable standard of living. And the lowest standard of living includes not just food and a place to stay, but even enough money for social and cultural interactions (cinema, restaurants etc.)

Also, Germany pays a lot of money in social services. People can be unemployed all their lives and refuse to work, yet they will always receive rent money and a safe income. Whenever immigrants last long enough to stay in Germany forever, they CAN get all these benefits.

Also, their is a climate of fear involving possible comments that are against foreigners. In other words: The media and politicians always have a biased view that is in favour of foreigners (immigrants, refugees). This leads to absurd situations and opinions. People are scared to be "against foreigners" because that would mean they are Nazis. It is completely inacceptable to propose policies such as the ones used by Australia (rejecting all boats that are coming towards the shore).

Instead, all foreigners are portrayed as an improvement to our society. The most used term is "bunt" (colourful), which not only means colourful as in skin colour, but also in terms of cultural and religious diversity. What many people totally ignore is that many of the opinions that foreigners bring into the country are very one-sided and not in acceptance of a pluralist society.

Here are some things that I see as a condition before I can say "refugees welcome":

-Learn the language! Do it! Learn German. It doesn't have to be fast, or perfect, but it's your duty if you want to live here. We offer these courses for free!
-Accept our values. You don't have to give up your religion or anything, but you must accept that women have equal rights here. And yes, that goes for your wife too!
-At least TRY to support yourself. Yes, I know that it's okay in Islam to have many many kids as long as the money comes from SOMEWHERE, but at least try to give something back to the country that saved you
-If you are only coming to Germany for financial reasons, stay away. We only want qualified people, REAL refugees or people who come for other accepted reasons (studying, marriage, tourism etc.)

What may sound harsh to you as a reader at first, is what is completely normal and not even in need to be mentioned elsewhere (where you live).

Look at the policies applied by Canada, Australia or the USA. These countries want skilled workers, that's why they have their green cards and shit. And I'm sure they look twice when they accept a refugee. They know they get a lot of trouble 20 years down the road.

I've seen a lot in my life, and the consequences of what happened decades ago are visible today. Whatever Germany does these days will be visible in 20 years from now. And I'm not looking forward to it... sorry.