Tuesday, July 26, 2011

K for Crap

Let's talk about the political system in Germany a little. We live in a democracy where elections take place every couple of years. Politicians usually act towards maintaining or increasing the number of people who will vote for their party. In reality, this means that shortly after an election is the best point in time to break promises or disappoint voters, because people will forget that until the next election (sad but true!!!). When the next election approaches, it's best to come up with a great idea again to get a positive reputation. For example, you can decrease taxes or make promises soon to be broken again. Always be vague enough to say afterwards that you never meant anything, but make it sound reliable enough at the same time.

One more thing that is important is advertising. In the weeks before an election, thousands of posters will be put up everywhere around you, filled with catchy slogans. This is what we call "driving the cattle". In other words, attract the stupid and annoying but neccessary voters that serve your purpose, only to drop them like a hot potato afterwards. Because you see, after the election, the posters disappear until the next election. Nobody cares what the people think in between.

And this is where we get to today's curious find. A poster that is so meaningless. The slogan here, to explain, uses the word "Zukunft", which means "future". As you can see, the word starts with the letter "Z". So why would you say "C" for "Zukunft"? That's like saying "K for crap", just because the pronounciation is the same.
Of course the reason is that the politician's name starts with the letter C, as well as the first letter of the party that he belongs to, which is CDU. But then again, think about it, the term used here clearly demands that the letter represents a word that starts with the exact same letter.

Another marketing disaster happened some years ago. Germany was in dire need for IT experts, but had none so some politicians proposed that experts from India would be recruited. Some other policitian didn't like that and wanted to invest more in the education of children for the same purpose, therefore coining the misleading phrase "Kinder statt Inder" ("children instead of Indians"). As you might guess, that didn't go well because it sounded racist. But you know, as a politician, you never think, you always go for catchy stuff that rhymes as if it's a game. Hey, and you know what else? If you can make a catchy phrase that rhymes with the word "Hitler" or "Jews" in it, you get twice the points!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mortuary personell "scared to death"

An assumed-to-be-dead person woke up in a mortuary in South Africa, scaring two of its staff members to death (not literally). ...When he called for help to be released from his cold prison, both employees ran away. They had thought they were dealing with a ghost. Later though, they came back with reinforcement.

My comment: The staff members acted correctly. In case of weird sounds like "help!", always run away first. There might be an evil ghost. You can never be sure. Better be wrong and stay alive than to play the brave one and die a terrible death. Well, I guess these guys, who were previously bored to death, have now been scared to death, when they usually laugh into the grim reaper's face.

Another weird thing I found: Someone doesn't know who Claudia Schiffer is. At least that's the only explanation I have why someone should write "Schiller" instead of "Schiffer". But the mistaken letters are nowhere near each other on the keyboard, so either someone was asleep or didn't know what he/she was doing. Schiffer is a well-known top model with about 250 million US dollars on her bank account.

There is still a lot more crap to be found online... shouldn't take long to dig up some more of it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothing new?! Something new!

Regarding my last post: After the tv broadcast that insulted Singaporeans on the internet, Galileo did not stop. They made the whole idea of insulting other countries into a concept. Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries are being made fun of. I wrote a sarcastic email to the Galileo team, stating that it's wrong what they do and that, at the same time, they would not have the balls to attack certain groups of people like jews or muslims. I told them to stop, and said that I would appreciate a response. There never came one. I figure that's their way of dealing with "don't have any argument left to keep doing what I will be doing for the sake of money, so I will just not answer at all".
Subsequently, I gave up watching this show ever again. It weakens my immune system.

Other things happened nonetheless. There is a new country to welcome to this world. I am not referring to South Sudan:

Yeah...Mekixos football association... where is Mekixo? Sounds like an ancient Aztec city...

Then there was this other unbelievable "thing" that made my jaw drop open and stay open.
I am talking about incompetence that can't be measured. About ignorance. "Ignorance" is a word that originally comes from the latin language, and it's very fitting because it describes an attitude of "not knowing and not wanting to know". This is what happened here. I'll show you.

So the video text of RTL was referring to football matches of the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany. I had watched the games that they talked about there. One ended "4:0", the previous one "2:1" or "1:2" if you will. I don't mind the order. But what the hell was going on with RTL here?

They stated here that France defeated Sweden, who had previously lost to Germany with 0:1, with a "3:0" result. Now that is absolutely wrong. Canada had lost against Germany 1:2 - and every German knew that because most of us saw that opening match of the German team! I remember clearly how the Germany goalkeeper had a goal scored against her, and I remember how two goals were scored by German football players. The other game between France and Canada ended 4:0, not 3:0. The last goal was scored several minutes before the match was over, so there is no accidental way this could be messed up.

A different tv station had this to say in their video text at the very same moment, and you will see that the results are correct (this tv station also broadcasts the Championship):

Yes, that is a good page! The results are displayed correctly. I didn't think I'd say this, but for video text editors to do things right, I assume they really must know what they are talking about. They must see the things and belong to the station that broadcasts the event.

All this would be bad enough, but this is not enough for RTL. They have to mess up again. In an amazing act of ignorance and unintentional stubbornness, they limbo-dance their way into a new depth of shame under the bar of moronic intelligence. How? A piece of evidence taken the NEXT day shows that they haven't learned to correct their mistake, as this REWRITTEN page shows:

Note that the text is indeed different from the first time. But the results are the same. Whoever made this mistake, he or she did not care and never actually changed anything. The RTL employee is so stupid, if stupidity was measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with "100" being the most stupid, that person would break through the scale at 100 and end up on the other side of the scale again... that's how stupid this is.

That's like permanently saying that "9/11" happened on November 9th. And believe me, that also happens sometimes!!!

Sidenote: Another health myth busted: Salt appearantly has no negative effects on health, as opposed to claims made by scientists earlier. They claimed that salt consumption (extra salt added for flavouring food) causes an increased blood pressure. Now other scientists said that all this was wrong... well, I'm sure this is not the last word spoken in another battle of "who is right?".