Monday, July 25, 2011

Mortuary personell "scared to death"

An assumed-to-be-dead person woke up in a mortuary in South Africa, scaring two of its staff members to death (not literally). ...When he called for help to be released from his cold prison, both employees ran away. They had thought they were dealing with a ghost. Later though, they came back with reinforcement.

My comment: The staff members acted correctly. In case of weird sounds like "help!", always run away first. There might be an evil ghost. You can never be sure. Better be wrong and stay alive than to play the brave one and die a terrible death. Well, I guess these guys, who were previously bored to death, have now been scared to death, when they usually laugh into the grim reaper's face.

Another weird thing I found: Someone doesn't know who Claudia Schiffer is. At least that's the only explanation I have why someone should write "Schiller" instead of "Schiffer". But the mistaken letters are nowhere near each other on the keyboard, so either someone was asleep or didn't know what he/she was doing. Schiffer is a well-known top model with about 250 million US dollars on her bank account.

There is still a lot more crap to be found online... shouldn't take long to dig up some more of it.

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