Saturday, August 02, 2008


When I came home from my first day of the new job training, something embarrassing happened that was just a typical bus story again.

I had not been on this bus line before, at least not since ages ago. When the bus arrived where I wanted to get off, there were three possible areas where it could stop. And that was the problem because it's not possible to tell which bus stop is the right one, so you basically wait until the bus stops and try to hit the "open" button.
The bus came to a halt and one person entered the bus already, so I figured that this would be the right moment to get off. Two people (a couple) were in front of me, holding on to the pole where the "open" button is. I thought they either don't want to get off or they are too stupid to push the damn button, so I walked around them, squeezed myself between them and the door and pushed the button like crazy. Only after nothing happened and I asked them like an idiot "doesn't it usually stop here?" they told me that this is not where the bus stops. The only reason the bus stopped was because the driver welcomed another driver to the bus!

Yeah... how could I have known that? I mean, it already happens to people when the bus stops in the middle of the road just because of a red traffic light. But this WAS a bus stop, AND someone even entered the bus there! So I had enough clues to think that the driver just didn't open the damn door. I'm just so happy I didn't scream "HELLLOOOO!" all over the bus.

You see how embarrassing it can get. And "Hello!" is just the right introduction of the old topic again. People who can't stop saying "Hello" everywhere. Sometimes people greet each other on the street, but who they greet is someone walking directly behind you! So someone you totally don't know walks at you, looks into your eyes and says "what? you here? Hiiiii!" and you are already starting to talk to them, putting your arms up or something like that. Then you find out they are referring to someone behind you. Ouch!

Or on the bus. You are daydreaming, possibly thinking about the day of work that's ahead of you, and some idiot walks by you and screams "HELLLLOOOOO!" or "Hello? Hello?". And THEN you find out they are talking into a cell phone. Argh!

The most amazing thing again is the ignorance of those who are in the center of the world in that moment. Not the slightest imagination of how other people might feel bothered. And the ones who don't even want to have anything to do with it, they have to duck and hope afterwards that nobody saw them when they made an idiot of themselves by responding in any way.

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