Monday, June 11, 2012

A new driver is born

The Canadian F1 Grand Prix is over. And a new driver was introduced to us by the German tv station RTL. His name is "Sebastian Grosjean". I didn't know this guy yet.

There is a driver called Romain Grosjean. He became 2nd in that race.... which is strange, because RTL says that Sebastian Grosjean came in 2nd instead. What's going on?

Maybe this Sebastian Grosjean is actually Sébastien Grosjean, a tennis player, who switched jobs with Romain Grosjean... does that mean that Romain Grosjean is now playing a tennis tournament somewhere?

Or wait...wait... maybe this is what happened: Some stoned idiot from RTL was writing a sentence about Sebastian Vettel, half asleep, half on drugs, and then had to delete a few words because he forgot that not Vettel became second (he was fourth) and some other names had to be mentioned. But then he forgot that every driver has his own first name, and Grosjean does not have the first name "Sebastian".

 Several interesting drivers have been introduced to Formula One in recent years:

Alonos (see my June 18 2011 post)
Drive-Through (see my September 28 2008 post)
Welcome to the list: Sebastian Grosjean

Who is going to be the next one?

Here are my top guesses:

Fernando Ferrari
Michael Mercedes
Jensen Butten
Kimmmi Raeikkköonnen

and of course:

Sebastian Kobayashi
Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Senna
Sebastian Schumacher
Sebastian Rosberg
Sebastian Karthikeyan
Sebastian Webber
Sebastian Drive-Through
Sebastian Hitler

the list goes on...

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