Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is this shit about the shopping cart / trolley

In this post, I will be talking about the item you can see in the picture. I do not wish to confuse you as you know that a shopping cart is usually something metallic shaped like an open cage. Whenever I mention "shopping cart" in this post, I am nevertheless referring to the above item that you can see.

I own such an item, it has the same colours you can see in the picture above. I bought it at a big grocery store / supermarket called "Real", a chain of supermarkets that sell a lot of stuff.

Let me ask you something: What is the reason you would buy such an item, just judging by the picture? You will probably agree with me that this one is for transportation of goods. And maybe for shopping. Yes... buying goods and transporting them home.

Now here is the deal: After many months of successfully using this item bought at the exact same supermarket, a staff member approached me and said "you cannot use this here, you must hand it to the service station and pick it up after leaving the supermarket". So this person was saying that I am not allowed to use the cart to keep items with me that I want to buy there. What bullshit is that?

Let us talk about the reasons. Well, I can only think of this: They consider a danger of theft, because the items are put into a bag-like receptacle and there is a chance that people might try to smuggle shopping items out of the market without paying. But here is my point: First of all, normal bags are allowed (or at least tolerated) to be used. They are made of the same material as the shopping cart receptacle. Second: The fucking anti-theft scanners used to beep like crazy even when I ENTERED the supermarket with my empty bottles for recycling. Yeah... they have codes on them but at the entrance, it already beeped. So that means there is not even a way of stealing goods. Imagine how hundreds of people must ENTER the market to access the bottle collection machines, at the same time the retards at the management found it a great idea to secure the entrance with an alarm while that alarm goes off when empty bottles are nearby!!!

So what is the point. I can not steal goods because I am going to draw a lot of attention to myself. But they take the convenience away from me. I do not want to give them my cart, use a normal metal cart, put all my goods there, leave the cashier area, then receive my cart again, transfer the goods from one cart to another, and then leave. FUCK NO! I want to do it the way I used to do.

I had this idea: What if I enter the supermarket with a piece of paper that says "this cart is not allowed to be used in THIS store" and stick that note onto one of the carts they have on sale? It should be okay to be done. I mean, they are not going to notice me doing this, just a little reminder that perhaps they should use their heads. Dumbasses...

It is really an annoyance to me because this place is the biggest one around and you can get most things there. But my personal conclusion is that I would rather go to other groceries if I can. Not all the time will I be able to get my goods, but at least I want to make a deliberate decision to SOMETIMES buy stuff elsewhere on purpose. Thus, I can make sure that their decision of annoying me causes an economic disadvantage (or damage) to them. I am sure that by not buying so much at their store, it costs them more than some people trying to steal goods (apart from the fact that they CAN NOT do that with that cart!!!).

To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd: "What were they thinking?!?!?!"

That is all I wanted to say. Thanks to all my fans. I love you! Lol.


Ira said...

Love you too, sayang! We should go stick that note on every shopping trolley they have on sale. This aggression will not stand.

Shida said...

It's like a whole rojak of emotions in this post. The last line just cracked me up.