Friday, July 03, 2009

Fireflies - nature's most underrated miracle

There are many interesting facts about fireflies (they have different names, technically, they are bugs where I live). For example, they can only be seen for few weeks during the summer. And they have a higher energy conversion efficiency than any artificial source of light (up to 95%). That means that only very little energy is lost for warmth radiation, most of the energy is just for producing light.

The best thing apart from the facts is to see them at night. Tonight I arrived maybe around 9:45 pm and was already wondering if I might be too late around this time of the year. But at almost exactly 10 pm, I saw the first ones, and then they became more and more. There are moments when you can turn around slowly and count 15 of them within seconds, just by turning your head and noticing every light you see. Imagine that there are so many insects around you at the same moment. During daytime it's impossible to be aware of.

Walking around on a warm midsummer night with the lights around gives you a peaceful feeling. It's like some magical forest from "Lord of the rings" coming to life. I think that so few people truly appreciate this phenomenon.

I also seized the quietness of the woods to think about my life. A paranoid side of me forbids me to enjoy any hopes of what life could be like, but in moments like these, when everything else is beautiful, I can't help but look forward to what will hopefully work out for me one day. I try to be aware of challenges so that disappointment doesn't even have a chance. If only I already "knew" that it was going to work eventually. But I can only hope. Anyway, I can appreciate life and that's what matters. And walking through the woods also made me wish I was with my special someone.
Now I just want to sleep soon... I hope I get some peace over the weekend and don't have to reach my limits.

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Eira said...

I don't remember if I've seen them before but I might have too long ago to remember.
Hope you'll get to show me some fireflies when I'm there again in Summer.
And anything 'Lord of the Rings' is good too... lol