Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some people have worse lives, even if they are richer

The MSN page today had one headline that said:

Radcliffe is mourning
"Harry Potter" has lost a beloved person

So who is it? Ugh... it's his grandmother. So if the German word for grandma is "Oma" and that is also what they use in the article, wouldn't it have been convenient just to say WHO he lost in the headline? Why are the news becoming a quiz game? ->because nobody would have read the article otherwise.

Another piece of news I read yesterday was that a millionaire in the USA, don't know where exactly, killed his whole family of 5 people, and himself, all because of the financial drama at the moment. He was said to have lost all his money on the stock market.
I don't get this. He is/was a millionaire, so how does he lose all his money in a short time? If he is a millionaire, I assume he must have been a very clever, smart, intelligent guy. Perhaps more intelligent than me, because I'm not a millionaire and probably never will be one. But then I ask: If someone is so clever, why does he not just put aside one million? You can live a good life with one million dollars, right? The word "millionaire" already implies that the person has at least one million. If he has one million, can't he just put it on his bank account and leave it there? He probably had several millions, so he could have used them after all. Why do people always need more, more, more? Such an idiot. Sorry, this is just so stupid. I know it's a process over time, you need to re-invest money you earned, but you can also draw the line. Then you can be sure never to have to worry about money, or working again.

It's amazing how people who have better lives than I do can still become so miserable in the end. You know, I told my brother that what this guy did would be the same as me saving 10 000 euros, then going to the casino and saying: I will play roulette now, I will put all my money on "zero", and if it's anything but that, I will kill myself.

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