Thursday, February 02, 2006

Marit Larsen Syndrome and the 6 months phenomenon

Exactly 6 months ago I met Marit Larsen, the famous norwegian singer, songwriter and guitar player. We met in a cafe in Oslo,and until today it has been the best day of my life. Whenever I think about what happened that day,i have to shake my head and grin like an idiot. It feels unreal. As if it was just a dream. But then i know it happened,and i say things like " DID happen!".
When something gets so overwhelming that we are unable to accept it in our minds, then this is the Marit Larsen Syndrome. I think i'll call it like that from now on. In this case it's even a good thing,a good trauma. Not sure if any of you readers can understand it. It's like one thing you always considered as "a dream" or "totally unreal and impossible" has become true. Maybe people who suddenly become famous and never believed in it,or people who find true love and never thought that would happen, can understand this.

Then there's the 6 months phenomenon. It could be the same with 1 year or 10 years. At the moment some things are 6 months back in the past,or in the future,and i keep wondering why it can pass by so quickly. Not long ago my relationship with my sweetheart was 6 months old. Today the Marit meeting is 6 months back. Soon I will have spent 6 months at my current job,which makes it half way finished. Then there's things that I look forward to. A journey,a meeting, something that will hopefully take place in 6 months too. And after that I will start with a new job,training or go to some school. And the worldcup here in germany isn't even 6 months ahead in the future i think...strange coz that was also one of the things that are so far away in the future. 2006 sounds more like a science fiction novel title to me than our current year.

Apart from this I try to keep the balance between hopes and realism. I guess it's very risky and dangerous to focus all my heart and soul on one thing that gives me pleasure,but on the other hand it's my way of showing that I want to make it work.

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Esther said...

Hello Mike! I'm Esther, girl aged 17 from Spain. I know how you felt about meeting Marit. I feel like this with my actual boyfriend. I am just writting this because of that. Sorry for my writting.!!

With my best wishes, Esther