Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm okay...I'm good...I'm fine

I cook,therefore I am.

I've been cooking lately as a substitute for my fading ability to write songs. And i might get better at songwriting again in a while,I just have to be careful with how hard I try. Saturday is the day when I turn a recipe i looked for on the internet into food. It went well so far, and I cooked two meals in the last weeks. I liked them,almost loved them,and that's what counts most. Last time i got the biggest imaginable compliment from my brother. He said it was better than last time. And last time,it had already been acceptable. This is the highest praise there is,from a person like him. If you knew him you'd understand.

The soundtrack of my life consists a lot of Kate Bush at the moment. I even listen to her at work. Her lyrical way of writing songs inspires me. I wonder how she starts writing the way the lyrics are thought over,it would make me think the lyrics come first,but some of the older songs are very melodious,so who knows.

I want to name some songs that I will associate a lot with 2005:

Going Home- Sophie Zelmani (or a different version by Faye Wong)
A song that i listened to more than any other song this year. It made me use its lyrics for my blog. A sweet sadness that lies in it,not comprehendable for everyone,but some people who like this song will understand what makes it special. I bought 3 Sophie Zelmani albums this year,so it's not only this song that i like,it's the calmness of many of her songs that makes her interesting.

Wuthering Heights- Kate Bush
I could pick a lot of her songs,but i listened to this more than the others,at least this year. Before I noticed that I really liked her music,i only knew "Running up that hill". There's something about her music that sounds new,and unusual,but catchy at the same time. She was the Björk of the 80s,as I would say.

Guilt Is A Useless Emotion- New Order
I don't listen to this any more, but it was the soundtrack of my life in late spring and summer. New Order is a great band,and i've been listening to them very very much since maybe 2001. Their last album wasn't as good as older stuff (same goes for Kate and Depeche Mode) but it was still good to hear new material from them.

These are only some of the songs of this year. Some of the songs that I have written were important for me too. I only recorded a few of them this year,but still,I listen a lot to what i recorded,whenever it was. My newest song,which will be finished in january hopefully,is called "Older". And it says a lot about how life me at least.

At the moment I feel alright. Nothing bad happening. I can sometimes smile. And when i do,then it has to do with her mostly. Hehe...
I just thought I would better write when i'm not in the worst mood. So people see I can be satisfied too.
This is all for now. Have a nice pre-christmas time.

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