Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Muslims And Gays: A False Alliance

It's a bad idea to demonstrate for something that's out to kill you.

At least that's what comes to mind when deluded people protest against islamophobia and homophobia at the same time.

In the wake of the recent attacks on a gay club in the USA (ignore all the France attacks for a second), many gay people held marches against all kinds of discrimination. By doing so, they achieved two jaw-dropping things at the same time: They turned Islam, one main cause of the disaster, into a victim of the crime, and showcased their desire to protect muslims from "Islamophobia" in favour of a colourful, diverse society - a kind of service that would not be mutual in most muslim-dominated countries!

Here is my problem. On the one hand, you have this:


On the other hand, you have this:


Let's avoid the obvious objection: Yes, I know that most muslims won't kill a gay person, and not all islamic countries kill gay people, but the list is long and you can definitely say that gays don't have a great reputation among muslims. If you're a muslim, ask yourself how your family and friends would react if you told them you were gay. Would you still feel safe? Would you still feel free?

The western world always gets things wrong about Islam. They think that muslims are a surpressed minority that just wants to live in peace, and that all acts of terrorism are just a big, nasty misunderstanding.

The truth is that Islam has a very, very dark side that most people ignore or aren't even informed about. And that's very easy to accomplish because when looking at all the terrorist attacks in the name of Islam, it's easy to just focus on them and ignore underlying problems.

The basic formula is:

  • Terrorism is the only problem of Islam
  • Most muslims don't commit terrorist acts
  • Therefore, islamic terrorism is not truely islamic
  • Therefore: Islam is a religion of peace

Case closed.

But here are some MORE problems and I won't get tired of mentioning them:

  • Islam has a big problem with gay people (death penalty, prison sentences, illegal status of being gay etc.)
  • Islam does not allow apostacy (leaving Islam)
  • Islam does not allow a marriage between a non-muslim male and a muslim (born) woman (imagine what kind of danger for social peace this holds in a Christian society)
  • Islam has a big problem with Israel and the Jews
  • Islam does not allow reformations, reinterpretations and the like
  • Women are still being held back (they should not travel alone, should always obey the husband, become a birth-giving machine etc.)
  • Islamic countries don't get SHIT done. They blame other countries for exploiting them, but they don't develop unless financed by oil that happens to be underground. Muslims account for an extremely small number of nobel prize winners!

Where I live, nobody talks about these problems much. All the attention goes into the old mantra of "it has nothing to do with Islam"... speaking about terrorism.

I learned a long time ago that, if there is a god, it's not the God of the bible, the quran or any other book we know today. Because such a God would have to be perfect. But this God isn't. There are not only extreme scientific inaccuracies, God is also very angry, thirsty for revenge and doesn't even get ONE clear message across that is free from "misunderstandings".

You can't have it both ways. Either Islam is a perfect message from a perfect being that can't be misunderstood, or it IS being misunderstood by some muslims and therefore God fucked up / doesn't exist.

Another thing that brings my piss to a boil is the fact that many muslims don't acknowledge the reality of islamic terrorism. They will either say that the offender is not a true muslim, because "muslims don't kill" (yeah right), or that it's some Jewish Illuminati USA Nazi conspiracy, where the terrorist is actually a mossad agent who tries to give Islam a bad name. Right.

You know, the thing is, maybe it would be easier to overcome these problems if muslims actually dared to question their religion, not necessarily to the point of giving it up, but just by throwing some thoughts around, getting into discussions, talking among OTHER muslims what is actually wrong here. Because at the end of the day, you guys don't want us white people to tell you what's right and wrong, right? You don't want us to set you right about your mistakes as if we were better than you.

So deal with it and sort your problems out. I don't even need to hear about it. I've seen and felt enough Islam and I'm actually a little tired and want to move on with my life now. I don't need to hear any more "Allahu Akbar" from you. Not when someone blows themselves up and not when someone sneezes. How would you feel when a Christian / Agnostic / Atheist sneezed and uttered the same words as a guy who just blew up a mosque? Would you tolerate it because that's what your multicultural worldview is?

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