Sunday, February 14, 2016

No longer interested in Michael Schumacher

It's been yet another 9 months since my last post about Michael Schumacher (full retard or chilling on couch?), and by now, nobody even cares about him any more.

The media hype is over by all means. But there are still fans out there who would at least like a decent confirmation about what everyone is basically thinking: That Schumacher is lying in bed all day, needs help breathing, doesn't talk or show any signs of being self-aware, and so on. Whichever is the case.

One of Schumacher's former bosses said that his condition is "not good". But we hardly hear any details. I think the need for privacy is completely neurotic in the case of Schumacher's family.

All it would ever take was one statement. One official statement. To let all fans know what his health condition was like. It would take one 30 minute press conference for all the facts. Then, even the last fan could move on.

But as long as this doesn't happen, tabloids will keep writing about a supposed death and other weird shit.

On the other hand: Who actually still cares? I guess we've gotten used to not hearing anything new. And we're tired of it. "Keep fighting Michael"? Well, no more, obviously.

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