Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recent losers

Or you could call this post "victims of RSS (Ralf Schumacher Syndrome)".

Remember my posts about this disease? Oh well, let's dive right into it. Let's talk about the most recent cases of sports personalities thinking they are better off than they actually are.

Victim #1: Nick Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld (pictured here with what appears to be a half-mast "Heil Hitler" greeting) was so convinced he would be back in a racing seat at the top level in motorsport. Yeah... but he never made it back to Formula One. So what is his big comeback after being thrown out of F1? A new F1 team? No. Nascar? No. Champ Car? No. German Touring Cars? No. It's the FIA World Endurance Championship. Never heard of? Well, that's because it's a new series.
Not only did he not come back into a racing car as quickly as he made everyone think he would, he is also basically gone. Vanished. I won't be watching any of his races because I don't even know if any tv channel televises this stuff.

Victim #2: Adrian Sutil

In some way, you can't call him a loser. In another way, you can. He finished in 9th position in the overall championship standings in the F1 season of 2011. But his contract was still not extended, instead he was replaced by Nico H├╝lkenberg. He then showed first symptoms of RSS, one of them being complacency and overconfidence. Another symptom was "overchoosiness"... I know that's not a real word. What I'm trying to say is, he was in contract negotiations all the time, but nothing seemed to have come out of it. There were even rumours about a possible contract with the legendary Ferrari team, either as a test driver with a future chance of becoming a permanent race driver there, or already becoming the #2 driver behind Alonso if Massa was to be sacked. Well, none of that happened.
On top of that, he was charged for physical assault on a F1 team CEO and was found guilty, receiving a suspended prison sentence and a 200,000 euros fine. Not a good entry in his CV, I think. And probably, that cost him his future in F1. In the end, all the seats in F1 for 2012 were filled, and he was out. There were less talented people who got a place in F1 instead.
In the picture above, you see a happy Sutil who signals how many years in prison he expected but didn't get. Lucky man.

Victim #3: Michael Skibbe

Frowning heavily about being in such a suck-ass company, we see Michael Skibbe, a football coach. He suffers, or rather suffered, from RSS for a short period of time. He was announced as the new coach for the Hertha BSC Berlin football club on December 22nd, 2011. Only 5 matches later, on February 12th 2012, he was sacked after losing all the matches. Before he was sacked, he said that he was going to make things better and that he would "still have a looooong future at this club". Yeah. You see the patterns of RSS? I call this overconfidence and a lack of sense of reality.
I knew from the start this wouldn't go well. I have had this guy on my loser radar for a long time, because he was also unsuccessful in other teams. All he is good at is frown. Yeah, he is a real champion at that.
At least in one way, he is not a loser. And that is in a financial way. It appears that the club bosses were even bigger idiots than he is. For his contract termination, he received a compensation of fucking 500,000 euros, as well as the 150,000 euros he had already earned during his short work in Berlin. In total, that equals 15,000 euros for every single day that he was under contract. Respect... this man must be really worth his money if that's how much he earns.

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