Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Marit Larsen starts off at #15

Today is the day. I've anticipated for a long time, and whenever I talked to other Germans about Marit Larsen, it was always in this "you better remember that name" kind of way. And today it happened. Marit had her debut with the single "If a song could get me you" and she started off at #15 of the single charts. It's the very first week and she already has this position.

It's funny. Somehow I am losing this special feeling that I had until this point, which was the feeling that Marit would be my little secret in this country. Everyone was so ignorant of her here, and all the other fans in the world were far away. On the other hand, I can now finally refer to someone -famous- when I say that I met a celebrity, and not just say there is this singer/songwriter who is famous in many other countries but totally unknown here. At least I can say that I met someone who's in the top 20.

I also know I was once the biggest German Marit Larsen fan. Why am I so sure? Because I was the only one who posted on her message board, and I was crazy enough to meet up with her, and there was no other German fan around. Anyone who claimed to be as possessed would have had to at least participate to some point. I no longer claim to be the biggest fan here, I think other people might be more interested now, but at least I had my good times and I'm interested in what else is going to happen.

It's also important to know that this whole Marit Larsen thing happened 10 years ago. It was also the last time that Marit was on the German charts, and that was just in the top 100, somewhere around position 85, if I remember correctly. It was still with M2M, and you all know the song. Yeah, that was the song of our lives.

Marit is not the first M2M member to be in a high position in the German charts. Marion reached #9 last year with the help of Meat Loaf. It was already interesting back then to recognize her voice on the radio. But still, there was nobody who would have cared about the story behind it.

It's really cool and hard to believe. I guess only hardcore fans can imagine what it's like. Most people will ask why it's such a big deal, but to me, it's special because of the long history I have with Marit. Without Marit, I would be in a different job now, have a different girlfriend, would have visited different countries while not having visited the countries I have been to, I would be a completely different person. And I know it's hard to believe and many of you may mistake this for an illusion, but from the start, in 1999, I already had this feeling there was something about this Marit Larsen that would have an impact on me. Ever since I knew about her, I often imagined what it would be like to meet her, and whatever could happen. I know that marketing strategies give people an image of a person, but in her case, what's the strategy? She was virtually unknown, all there was were the music videos, there was no image. Somehow I noticed that she was a very interesting person.

I'm curious what will happen. She will be on tv here soon. Then there are concerts in November but I don't know if that's going to work for me. It doesn't have to, but we will see anyway. Maybe it would be enough to meet up with some old friends who have also been around on the internet. There is still a lot of stuff to get out of this whole Marit Larsen world.

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Aaron said...

I'm surprised that this song is only making it to German charts now. It's a bit old, isn't it?

Anyway, just so you know, I understand how you feel. Well, at least some of it. She's pretty much unknown here too, until someone played her song on the radio a few months back. Unfortunately nothing much happened after that. It's hard for her to get noticed here when the top 5 popular stations here won't play her songs.