Friday, January 12, 2007


Another reason to write a blog entry: My birthday.

I learned countless things when I was 23. From my colleagues at work, I learned a lot about the human nature, especially from one guy who retired from work in May, he was 60 years old. One of the people I'm glad I met.

Some times left me speechless in good and bad ways, but that's what makes life special. It was not boring being 23, and it was a big challenge all the way. I can just say the same things all over again that I said about 2006, coz there isn't a big difference between the change of the year and my birthday almost 2 weeks later. I did some things for the first time, got much wiser, it was a year full of experience. It felt good to be 23, it's still an age where you feel young but also grown up. Now I'm 24, that feels like I'm only supposed to act responsibly. Haha...

It's true anyway... I'm very different. How I changed in just 2 years is amazing. At the beginning of 2005, I hadn't even graduated from school. I hadn't been in a foreign country alone. I didn't know what it means to be in a relationship. Now I've had all of this, been to two different countries without any relatives, spent time in crazy environments. To know that I could do it feels really nice, and it's something everyone has to do to find out how it feels.

Being 24 and being in 2007 seems to be much more demanding. I can already sense it. My new school is tougher than the other school, and also not easier than my work I had. I just know I have to stay on the right track now. There is a huge responsibility but I can achieve some things. It will be up to me how I deal with school. I can make it a success and that's my goal. One goal. The other goals... I don't know yet. But I hope to achieve more things and get somewhere further than where I stand now. It has to go on.

I hope that I will get a lot of support from the people around me. Hopefully they will also understand me and not only tell me what they think is the best for me.

I should concentrate on some tasks again that I neglected a little in 2006. There has to be more time for music again, I believe. More time for sports, for losing a little weight, more time for working on self confidence. It will be a year of learning, of making improvements. No matter whether I learn things the good or the hurtful way, I'll be wiser in one year. I don't dare to be optimistic or pessimistic. I'll only be careful. Life is too unpredictable. I'll just see that I learn enough to keep up with the speed of life.

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Yvonne said...

Happy belated birthday from me! :) Thanks for your comment btw. Have nice day.

Regars, Yvonne